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The formative years...

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Name: Steven Edward Sievers
Nicknames: Stevers, Weavers, Jesus
Height: 5'7"
Birthday: Sept 27, 1979
Eye Color: blue/green/blue-gray
Favorite Color: Dark Purple
Favorite Movies: Empire Strikes Back, Mallrats, The Crow
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite Animal: Turtle
Favorite Song: Without You
Favorite Band: Silverchair
Favorite Scent: Love Spell by Victoria's Secret
Favorite Word: D'oh
Favorite Quote: How come I had the bowl Bart?
Favorite Part of a Song: The bridge part in Miss You Love
Proud Moment: Getting my 1st drum kit
Worst Moment: Not seeing The Simpsons when it was on
Horrible Experience: Not seeing The Simpsons when it was on
Favorite Things To Do: Watch The Simpsons, play video games
Clothes Brands: Level 27 Clothing
Favorite Food: Bacon, Mac n Cheese
Plans After College: Hopefully be doing Level 27 Clothing full time and making videos
What do you want to say: I like this ride, lots of ups and downs, its quite nice I say


Heres some questions we managed to ask him:


*wats your parents' names? Edward & Kathleen

*siblings? One older brother, Mike, he is 27
*do u have any pets other than Daniel (or have u had any other pets)and how long have you had them?
4 cats at my parents house. Their names are: Wookie, Tank, Bandit, & Jericho
[for those of you who dont know, Daniel is his pet turtle named after Daniel Johns]
playing drums
*stuff u love?
The Simpsons, Star Wars, silverchair, Mallrats, comics, video games, toys, I could go on forever on stuff I love.
*do u hav a girlfriend?
*what do you look for in a girl?
some sexy cool girl that likes to have fun, joke around with me, likes to play video games.
*are u going to do anything similar to max rock after graduating? (cuz if u dont we'll all miss u)
Would awesome if I can, I really hope I can.
*if u could spend a day w/ anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
Kurt Cobain
*if u could bring back together any band (dead or alive) who would it be?
*fave actor and actress?
Jason Lee & Kirsten Dunst
*wadya like to do when u hang out w/ friends?
Go to shows, play video games
*how do u react when you realize you missed an episode of the simpsons?
I have a nervous breakdown
*if u had one day left to live, what would you do that day? Do a radio show
*how'd u get the nicknames weavers and jesus?
I can't remeber how Weavers came up, I think Billy just came up with it cause u know Sievers is like Weavers or something like that. Well as you can tell in my old pics on the elbarto website I used to have very long hair and big gotee and a lot of people said I looked like Jesus. Then everyone in my home town started to call me that. I remeber when I went to Italy people started to call me "Savior, Savior!"
*fave nirvana song?
Oh thats hard, I would have to say Smells Like Teen Spirit
*if u could live anyones life for a day who would u want to be?
Daniel Johns
*how obsessive are u about things u like?
Very, I mean I have like almost 200 simpson figures, most of my wall in my apartment is covered by silverchair posters, I have a ton of star war games & toys. I have like every movie that Kevin Smith had something to do with. I know what I like thats all.
*anything else? The best thing I have is this bart doll dressed up as a pirate. How cool is that!

* Weight? 130
* Favorite candy? chocolate?  M &
                                    M peanut butter
* Fave restaurant?  Jeckyl
                                    and Hyde in NYC
* Fave book? Catcher in the Rye
* Fave album?
* Fave non-Silverchair album (if the one u just said was Silverchair)? In Utero 
* Fave Level 27 item?  That's hard, but I would say...kid dracula or zombie tee.
* Fave pizza topping?  I dunno, I guess pepperoni.
* Fave subject in highschool?  History
* Best/Worst subjects?  I dunno...worst is english, math...
chemistry....ummmm the list goes on.
* Least fave movie? Hmm, I try to block movies I dont like from 
my thoughts...come back to me later.
* Best job?  Level 27
* Worst job? Delivering Flowers. I hated it and only lasted like a week.
* Greatest number of times youve seen any band live (and what band)? 
                                    Charlotte, and i lost count (nor was I ever counting)--im sure its around 500.
* Number of times youve seen Silverchair live? 8. hell yes.
* Best live band? DUH! silverchair...what, you thought I was 
going to say Good Charlotte? Haha...
* Can you cook? I used to, its been a while since I've cooked.
* Best thing you cook? Breakfast foods.
                                    Ideal date?  Haunted house with my sexy lady.
* Best date?  Going to the arcade w/my gf...she is a dork 
and likes video games like me.
* Worst date?  Going to see Crossroads. 
* Most embarrassing moment?
                                    When I was 1st grade, we all went on 
a field trip.  I was in the back of
                                    the bus and another schoolbus 
                                    behind the bus I was in.  The other bus behind me had the principal 
in it...sitting in the front seat. 
                                    For some reason, I thought I 
would say hi to another vehicle in sign language.  But I thought 
giving the finger was like saying hi.  So the whole time we were 
going to this place, I was flicking off this other bus with the 
principal in it.  My mom happened to
                                    be a chapperone on this trip, 
                                    was sitting in the front of the bus I was in.  WHen we finally 
got to the beach, my principal told my mom what i was doing...and
she yelled at me in front of
                                    all the kids. and i was a sad little 
emo kid for the rest of the field trip.  I guess I was trying to be punk
* Greatest accomplishment?  Level
* One thing you can't live without? milk.
                                    If you could have any one thing in the world, what would it be?
* What were you like as a kid? A
                                    dork...wait, i still am.  Nothing's 
changed.  But at least
                                    THIS dork has a cool website about him. 
* When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be?
                                    For a 
while, I wanted to be paleintologist (however you spell it) 
know, dig up dinosaur bones.  I was
                                    obsessed with dinos.
* Anything
                                    else you think your stalkers should know about you? Oh
there is something I finally found
                                    my "sexy cool girl that likes to have 
fun, joke around with me, and play video games."  Be happy for me dammit. :)

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