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What People Say
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How would you describe Stevers?

He is a very thoughtful, generous, fun loving guy who is not only a great friend but cares a lot for people in general. --Owlboy


The first time I met Steve was when he came to my radio show to meet Showoff.  He was so nice that he asked me to come to see Allister with him that night.  Ever since then our friendship has been stronger than Balki and Larry on Perfect Strangers. --DJ Rossstar


He's a skinny guy who makes turtle impressions. --Adam Liam McCleery


I would describe Steve as a funny, sexual, and talented pirate.--Alex (ootimba22oo)


Capt. Jack Stevers is a nice, awesome, funny, sock-rocking, dude who he lets us stalk him!!!J --Samia


Steve Sievers is a happy skinny dork who likes to have fun hang out with friends, play video games, rock out, watch the simpsons, and likes to make everyone around him very happy.--SteversJ


Living in Puerto Rico impedes me of meeting Steve on a personal basis, but I must that by the few conversations we've had I can deduct that he is a wonderful person and has the determination needed to become extremely successful in life. That he is a good friend as he is a person is unquestionable, and for this I hope to some day meet with him to officially give him such a title. However, if I could give him anything in the world, I would give him Time so that he can have enough for everything he does and wishes he could do. God bless you Steve, you're one in a million. --Veronica


He's a kick ass skinny dude who make everything funny. He even make me laugh when I'm pissed at my mom. And if anyone ever asks where Steve is in the chat room, always say, "He's hiding from all the crazy people who are going to rape him!" Lol --Emma (aka Insane Munchkin)


stevers rocks my socks off and doesnt stop rocking until the rocking's done...I'm not cool enough to quote...the truth is i just love the guy to death... --Eater


Steve Sievers is a silly little person who makes the world a much happier and specialer he's cool for letting us stalk him (and helping us w/ the stalking...haha)...and ya gotta love the dorkiness...J --Sidra


Steve might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he does give great head.--Jason


turtle lover! --Justin Millar


Steve is a fun-loving pirate who ALWAYS gets the treasure. I love him.--Ces


Steve Sievers- the gayest straight boy that you'll ever meet.--Derek Trafton


Steve is a great smiley person who is very "thinny" , yes he always gets the treasure, and is so funny! --Maria (dolphins sister)


He's nice, he's caring, he's friendly, he's a great listener, he always seems to care, he always treats you fairly, he always treats you with respect, he's funny, he's extremely intelligent, he's focused, he's driven, he's the farthest thing from arrogant you will find, he's grounded, he love animals, he makes you feel like you actually matter, he's compassionate, he makes you feel as happy as he is, and lastly, he's absolutely beautiful, even though he is attractive it doesn't matter, he's such a great person, anyone can be born to look pretty, but it really matters that they are an awesome person, cause those are rare to find, and he's one of the best. I have no idea how I ever got so lucky to have him in my life, but he's one of my best friends and I love him to death :) --Brandy


I think steve is an awesome skinny pirate who loves to make people laugh,smile and have a good time being around him!!!! Love Ya Lots!! --MaGs


Our first date was at the Arcade...we listened to 80s rock reallllly loudly on the way there. Then we played virtual bowling and frantically tried to get as many tickets as we could so we could win this rad Halloween-themed light.   It was then that I knew we were equal in our dorkiness.  What else can I say....Steve rocks! --Cristina


Steve has been there when I've needed someone to talk to online, he cheers me up when I'm down, brightens my day up when it's dull. Tells me everything will be ok, when I say it's not. Steve is a kind hearted, caring, easy going, loving, friendly person, who I myself have a lot of respect for. I remember when I told him I finally had a boyfriend, he told me he was really happy, coz i was finally with someone I could trust. I trust Steve with all my thoughts and feelings, and I can tell him anything and ask him for advice, and he helps me out. I couldn't ask for a better best male friend than Steve. He's a right laugh too. Thanks for not laughing when I admitted to fancying you Steve!!!!!!!! STEVE RULES THE ROOST! -- Zara (achairofsilver)

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